Aftermarket Support

To ensure a strong and continuous pull from the end-user segment of the hydraulic fluid marketplace, we are  consistently promoting  DYNAVIS® technology right where your customers are. We are also regularly participating in  all major construction equipment trade shows worldwide.  

In addition,  the DYNAVIS® Technology Team is  extending DYNAVIS® Technology to new applications such as plastic injection molding, mining, screening and demolition. Each application is illustrated and documented with a brief but comprehensive case study.

The DYNAVIS® Technology Team helps build success for each licensee with an ever-growing marketing tool box. The meticulously documented case studies and many other unique features ensure licensees have everything in hand to tell the DYNAVIS® Technology story.
Understanding the many aspects of the equipment owner and operator segment of the market, the DYNAVIS® Technology Team is able to provide an outstanding level of marketing support to its licensees. In this way, the DYNAVIS® Technology brand stands for both superior technology and powerful marketing know-how.

That means for example:

Support for Licensee Launch Activities

A licensee launch of  DYNAVIS®-labelled hydraulic fluid is a special occasion, and the DYNAVIS® Technology Team provides a “boatload” of promotional support. DYNAVIS® sales and promotional concepts can only be compared to a fireworks display in terms of their raw power to attract attention. The Team works closely with each licensee to develop the right promotional mix –  from news release blast to mail supplements, and everything in between.

Training for our Licensees’ sales network

The DYNAVIS® Technology Team is equipped with the most advanced and elaborated digital tools in the market to train your sales network. Rely on them to transfer to your sales team the knowledge and skills they’ll need to convince hydraulic oil users of the significant DYNAVIS® Technology advantages. Selling tools in both print and digital formats are adapted to the licensee’s branding requirements and the unique needs of his/her customer base.

Support for marketing events, trade shows, customer events etc.

To attract and focus the attention of hydraulic fluid buyers on the savings potential of a DYNAVIS® Technology-formulated hydraulic fluid, the DYNAVIS® Technology Team provides a proven interactive, multi-media, and physically-engaging approach.  It works.

The DYNAVIS® Technology Stationary Bike Simulation is a crowd-pleaser and a “closer” when it comes to convincing prospects of the power of hydraulic fluids formulated to the DYNAVIS® Technology standard. Add to the crowd-pleasing magnetism of the bike simulation one or more large-format flat panel displays devoted to colorful and compelling case studies and web-based efficiency calculation tools, and you’ve got the formula for a tradeshow stand that outshines the rest.