Case Studies

The DYNAVIS® Team continuously catalogs the DYNAVIS® testimonials it receives from fleet owners who compare the performance of construction equipment using DYNAVIS® Technology under real working conditions. The Team provides hydraulic fluid formulated to DYNAVIS® Technology standards and the fleet owners measure fuel consumption and efficiency.

In addition to maintaining contact with the fleet owner, the Team also surveys the opinions of the equipment operators to evaluate their perceptions of improved handling. With the results of these field tests, the Team prepares case studies, which have proven to be extremely effective as a sales communications tool.

Field Test in China, Zhejiang

Jinhua Junda Excavator Fittings, located at Jin Hua City in the central province of Zhejiang, is taking over a wide range of construction jobs, mainly in the earth-moving sector. DYNAVIS® improvements were calculated at about 7 percent in normal operating conditions. An improvement of 15 percent was observed when operating in heavy-duty conditions.   Read the full story here.

Field Test in Lithuania

A sand and gravel quarry near Klaipeda, Lithuania offered the opportunity to compare the efficiency of a hydraulic fluid formulated with the DYNAVIS® technology vs. an ordinary hydraulic fluid. Test candidate was the company’s key machine, a mobile MS 19 Z screening unit from Kleemann. At the end of the test, the average consumption had dropped from 20 to  17 l/h. The cooling requirements for the hydraulic systems during the summer months were found to be significantly lower. Read the full story here.




Field Test in Belgium

When Belgian company Screen-Renting BVBA operated its 20-ton material-handling excavator with DYNAVIS®-formulated hydraulic fluid, the company realized savings of nearly 12,000 euros a year. Excavator cool downs, which in the past were necessary work interruptions caused by overheating, are no more. With DYNAVIS® Technology in place, the mobile excavator now operates below critical hydraulic oil temperature. Read the full story here.

Field Test in Germany

Southern Germany-based MTS AG specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative accessory attachments for excavators, which connect to a fully automatic hydraulic quick coupler. At one construction site, the DYNAVIS® formulated hydraulic fluid saved between 10 and 15% in fuel in mixed mode and up to 25% with heavy stone milling. There was also a notable improvement in performance with the elimination of power loss when simultaneously activating different functions like pivoting and compacting.       Read the full story here.

Field Test in Italy

Ghizzoni S.p.A. is a specialist in laying pipeline. To re-grade the topsoil after installation of a pipeline spanning  114 km (72 miles), Ghizzoni relied on its fleet of identical New Holland crawler excavators. Extrapolating from the meticulously recorded data for one excavator, the firm calculated an average reduction of fuel consumption of 9.89 %, resulting in a monthly savings potential of 10,000 euros for the entire fleet. In addition, the excavator operator reported a decided improvement in handling over its previous performance.         Read the full story here.