Special Events for Special Customers

Evonik’s sponsorship of popular sports is a vital part of the company’s brand strategy. It helps to establish a high level of awareness and identification with the brand. This enables the DYNAVIS® Team to offer opportunities to watch car races from the exclusive drivers’ section or soccer games from the VIP box.

Borussia Dortmund (BVB) Football Team

Evonik sponsors the BVB, one of the most successful teams in the German National Football (Soccer) League. It ranked first in the Bundesliga in 2012/13. The matches in Dortmund are special events bursting with energy and emotion. 

After the dramatic resignation of their longtime trainer Juergen Klopp at the 
end of the season, the new trainer Thomas Tuchel is facing a demanding challenge 
of turning the team’s fate during the 2015/16 season.

European Truck Trial Championship 2016

DYNAVIS® also sponsors the HS-Schoch European Truck Trial Team. The incumbent European Champion has won the Championship five times in a row. Truck Trial is an exciting motor sport where the spectators are as close as possible to the thrilling and spectacular trucks – watching while they drive through mud-holes, climb steep hills or cross huge stone barriers. The races take place in quarries across Europe and make DYNAVIS® visible to users of heavy construction equipment. Our guests are in touch with the truck team and the drivers during the races and can follow the team on their way through the challenging sections of the racetrack. 

The European Truck Trial races in 2016
May 14.-15:        Montalieu-Vercieu (France)
June 11.-12:       Dreis-Brück, Eifel (Germany)
June 25.-26:       Limberg/Maissau (Austria)
August 6.-7:       Thiembronne (France)
August 20.-21:   Tschechien (Czechia)
August 27.-28:   Langenaltheim (Germany)