Quality gifts for a quality oil formulation

Choose from our collection of carefully selected, high quality gifts to impress and delight DYNAVIS® Technology customers and business partners.

Promotional Gifts

DYNAVIS® Technology Cap "PRESTIGE"

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The distinctive symbol for those working hard but smart:
Classic jet-black all-purpose cap made out of 100% cotton, eight ornamental seams on the brim, six exhausts for ventilation, satin-lined sweat band. Handmade quality, premium design and craftsmanship – a pleasure to wear!


DYNAVIS® Technolgoy Cool card

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Small, sleek, translucent polypropylene package of candy the size of a credit card. Contains about 50 small, refreshing sugar-free peppermint sweets. Cool taste – refreshing  breath.


DYNAVIS® Technology Noble Ballpoint

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Combining the rich, lustrous sheen of genuine mahogany wood with sparkling chrome accents, this pen has the look and feel of a handcrafted artifact. Luxurious to the touch and featuring smooth writing action, thanks to a large TC ball. Large capacity ballpoint pen refill available. The DYNAVIS® logo is engraved discretely near the retraction button.


DYNAVIS® Technology Bottle Silver light

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High-quality aluminium water bottle. Unbreakable and leak proof, easy to use, hygienic and tasteless. Color: bright silver. Size: 0.75 liters.


DYNAVIS® Technology "Testdriver" Bodywarmer

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Your versatile assistant for tough working days – but also a useful and fashionable companion for leisure activities or sports. Three pencil pockets, two front pockets with snap fasteners and small reflective strips, two zipper pockets, one inside pocket with Velcro® fastener, integrated black zipper. The heavy fabric (250 g/mm2) is a mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.


DYNAVIS® Technology Cree 3 Watt LED flashlight

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Powerful aluminum alloy flashlight, delivers highest performance with low energy consumption. Thanks to the newly developed, extremely efficient Cree LED, it delivers 35% more light with 40% less energy consumption. (NOTE: A feature that also characterizes hydraulic fluids formulated to DYNAVIS® Technology standards.)
The flashlight comes with a set of batteries.



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Looks and feels like leisurewear, works as hard as workwear:
100% heavy weight combed cotton. Shape-retaining, knitted polo collar and sleeves with hems, twin seams, and embroidered DYNAVIS® Technology logo.


DYNAVIS® Technology USB Flash Drive “Blue”

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It is amazingly thin and incredibly compact: The DYNAVIS® TECHNOLOGY Blue represents the latest developments in USB flash drive technology. Blue light shines through its edges when connected to a PC or laptop. It has 4 GB of capacity.



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Swiss army knives are legendary and come with a lifetime guarantee. The Outrider is your perfect companion when far away from civilization, but is also helpful both at home and in the yard. Its blade and screwdriver can be locked into position, making them even safer to use.
It includes a can opener, small screwdriver, corkscrew, reamer, punch, wood saw, long small Philips screwdriver, key ring, toothpick, tweezers, locking blade, bottle opener with screwdriver, wire stripper and scissors.


DYNAVIS® technology cotton bag with long handles

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Heavy-textured white cotton with a colorful print of the DYNAVIS® Technology “princess” kissing an excavator; with the DYNAVIS® Technologoy logo on the back of the bag. Sturdy, washable and eco-friendly.


DYNAVIS® Technology "Colonel" Multi-Pliers

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Heavy-duty, stainless steel, multi-purpose tool, 7 parts, 11 functions (pliers, knife, saw, Philips screwdriver, rasp etc.).
Once you have it, you’ll never want to go without it. Comes in a robust waterproof nylon bag with a flap and can be attached to a belt.