Sales Support

Within the “end-user” segment of the hydraulic fluid marketplace, a predominant view is that that "oil is oil"; and that the cheaper the oil, the better the value. Nothing could be further from the truth. Compounding the problem is the fact that many distributors simply haven’t had the training that enables them to adequately sell the value of premium lubricants – like those formulated to DYNAVIS® technology standards.

The DYNAVIS® team at Evonik is creating a new vision of what hydraulic fluids should be, starting with fuel and other significant cost savings. They’re doing it with these tools for DYNAVIS® Technology licensees. 

The DYNAVIS® Efficiency Calculator

This software tool, designed for PC and tablet PC, enables a simple, quick and accurate calculation of the savings achievable with fluids formulated to DYNAVIS® Technology standards. It  demonstrates clearly the link between hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® Technology and profitable equipment operation.

The DYNAVIS® Online Sales Training Module

This online training module provides a brief, but highly effective, orientation to hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® Technology. With this basic information,  virtually every salesperson will be able to successfully sell higher-value fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology.

Video Animation of the Power of DYNAVIS® Technology

What happens inside hydraulic pumps, when DYNAVIS® Technology  “flexes its muscles”? If anyone had any doubts, watching this animation will make them a believer.


The Case Studies "App"

In a still-continuing series of customer field tests, started in 2012, the DYNAVIS® Team at Evonik  records the before DYNAVIS®/after DYNAVIS® story, in several different industries and applications. This app is continually updated with new information.


The DYNAVIS® Technology POS Presentation Kit

Telling the DYNAVIS® Technology story at the Point-of-Sale (POS) has never been easier. The kit comes complete. Simply position flyer, poster and stand-up display  to interest and inform potential customers and end-users.

The DYNAVIS® Technologoy Field Trial Validation Video

It takes a highly-qualified team to accurately measure the difference that DYNAVIS® technology makes. Count on the scientists and engineers at Evonik to honestly and precisely structure the tests and interpret the results. This video tells all.

The DYNAVIS® Promotional Gifts

A wide range of attractive promotional gifts support DYNAVIS® licensees as they spread the word.